Friday, February 19, 2010

At week's end...

Friday evening brings a sigh of relief. I rushed home this afternoon and tried to imagine Spring around the corner. True, here in Deep South USA, it's not far away. So to make the dream more a reality, I checked for supplies for one of my very favorite summertime drinks. Dream along with me...get this...on the the grill driftin' on a light breeze...great friend like The Horn Player around. Oh yeah, the thought of a refreshing drink, beads of water running down the side of the glass is just the ticket. This is one of those light and lovely libations. Try it on your patio this summer.

Friday's Spritzer


White Wine (very dry)
Tonic Water (chilled)
Lime Slices

Fill halfway with ice a large wine glass. Pour white wine up to the top of the ice. Top off with chilled tonic water, not too much, only about half as much as the wine. Squeeze the lime slice into the glass and drop in for garnish and flavor.

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