Saturday, February 27, 2010

Long Week-end...

There are times you just have to stop and smell the posies. Spring is a bit late in coming this year and the necessity to get out and move around in the somewhat warmer temps had become imperative last week. So I burned a vacation day to spend some time with my friend The Horn Player on a street called "Antique Alley". This interesting avenue is located in a town a few miles north of here and it has nothing but antique stores and consignment shops end to end. You can find everything from an imposing piece of furniture like an armoire for the boudoiur to a bar of lye soap. So The Horn Player and I left in time to arrive at the lunch hour to enjoy a leisurely repast of really delicious and stunningly gorgeous Sushi/Sashimi. Then we were off to shop. First we located a store with sports memorabilia, but in the back it had a used book store. Oh boy, one of our favorite things. I found a copy of Junior Classics called Once Upon A Time, and immediately claimed it for my grandsons. We slowly wound our way around the stacks to discover a collection of old hymnals and other music related material. He snagged two old copies of Lessons In Harmony, copyright 1923. I found an old hymnal with a copyright 1911. Then we were off again darting in and out of various shops, but one that thrilled us so much was the repurposing of the old movie theater. Such a grand idea for old structures and so much more warm and welcoming than new construction. All in all, we didn't really buy a lot of things but, what a great day, it was relaxing and a "just what the doctor ordered", kind of day.

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