Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Morning Brunch


Brunch is possibly one of my favorite meals. All the foods that are present on any brunch buffet, I love. The Southern girl that I am starts with grits. Another favorite, poached eggs and toast. Then there's really good bacon, hickory smoked and crispy. Add some fruit, some great Mayhaw jelly and butter for the toast. Mix a citrusy drink and I can sit down to this.

Brunch Eggs and Grits with Bacon

2 cups water
Pinch of salt
1/2 cup hominy grits

Bring the salted water to a boil and slowly add the grits while stirring with a whisk. Continue stirring until well incorporated. Reduce the heat to medium-low and cover. Cook until the texture of the grits is rather loose. Turn off the heat, stir the grits once more and cover to finish firming up. Do not cook all the way, but rather allow the grits to finish cooking with carry over heat.

Splash of white vinegar
Sprinkle of salt

Into a pot with shallow sides, add enough water to slightly cover eggs when added to the pan. Splash in white vinegar and bring to a simmer. Break the eggs, one by one, into a small dish and slowly add to the simmering water. Cook to desired doneness, which for me is firm white and runny yolk. Remove the eggs to a paper towel and allow to drain and dry.

To assemble the dish, put a generous scoop of grits onto a serving plate and a dollop of butter. Place 2 poached eggs over the grits and a good grind of black pepper to taste. Add crumbled, crisp bacon over the eggs. Serve immediately with toast along side.

Brunch Sunrise

1 ounce Vodka
Orange juice
Cranberry juice

Into a glass add ice and vodka. Fill the glass to 3/4 with orange juice and add cranberry juice to finish filling the drink. Slowly drizzle in grenadine to settle into the bottom of the glass. Serve with a slice of orange if desired.


  1. This looks delicious! Pretty sure we might make this our supper tonight... we're still in Spring Break recovery mode, where 6 pm feels like 'brunch time' anyway haha. (Besides, college students can get away with eating anything at any time of day, right? I don't know what I'll do once that excuse is gone, but for now, I'll live it up!)

  2. OMGosh...I'm so new at this I just noticed your comment. I'm so happy you're following and hope this was just right for a "late evening brunch". I'm having so much fun with this and love cooking in the process. ♥