Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Breakfast

At my office the other day, I was stopped by one of my "foodie" friends asking why there's been no update's to my blog lately. Short answer, no time. So many things can nudge their way into the daily schedule to totally derail plans of well intentioned projects. I've had several ideas on the back burner I've given my attention. For example, landscaping a "purple and gold" flower bed along the sidewalk that leads to my front porch. It turned out spectacularly I must say, but I spent the better part of two weekends on it and it took me outside and away from my computer. This glorious Angel Trumpet is one of the "gold" elements there. So pretty!

Then last weekend one of my very dearest friends called (begging me no less) to pick tomatoes from her garden. I will refrain from using the expletive she used to describe her "garden". After hauling loads of numerous veggies from the long garden rows, it had become more a drudge than a blessing to her. And it seemed she had more than an abundance of the most delectable fruit summer has to offer. I was so excited at the anticipation of loading my freezer with bright red bags for the winter. Tomato Soup, Chili, Vegetable Soup, Marinara for Pasta, Homemade Salsa, Tomato Gravy at breakfast...the list goes on. So two bushels of tomato's in my freezer later, I'm a happy camper, but again, no work on my blog.

But this weekend I spent my time mostly alone so I've gotten back into the swing. Incidentally, speaking of tomatoes, I had for breakfast this morning, one of my very favorite dishes. "Me" time is always good, so during my morning coffee I decided to treat myself to what I consider a most yummy repast of Grits & Tomatoes. Try this. Even though it's simple, it's way better than you may think.

So delicious!

Grits and Tomatoes

1 chilled tomato
Vinegar or lemon juice
Extra virgin olive oil
Black Pepper

Use package directions on the grits for the number of servings or refer to the Saturday Morning Brunch recipe I posted in April 2010 for cooking instructions for two.

Note: I do not use instant grits.

While the grits are cooking, cut a cold tomato into bite size chunks and place in a bowl. Add salt, black pepper and a drizzle of your favorite vinegar/juice. I love cane vinegar so that's what I used here, however, a splash of balsamic is fantastic and if you prefer a citrusy note, squeeze a lemon. Add just a very small splash of olive oil and toss to coat.

Get out your best china and flatware, place a large dollop of grits onto a breakfast plate, nestle a pat of butter down into the luscious grits. Arrange the tomatoes around the grits and garnish with sprigs of chives.

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