Saturday, August 27, 2011

Plum Good!

Plum pretty!
Let's see if you get the idea without a lengthy recipe.  I bought some plums the other day; fruit when it's fresh and happily displaying its best color is irresistible to me.  

Glistening slices!

 The two different colors of plum were my inspiration for my recipe.  Slice them evenly.

How lovely is this?

Next I prepare everything for the cake.  Even though it sounds unlikely, I chose to make a 
Plum Upside Down Cake. 

An OLD pan Mama gave me.  Buttered and ready to go.

 I always use the butter wrapper to butter my cake pan.  No messy hands. Perfect!

At the bottom...nubs of butter and turbinado sugar.

Creaming the butter and sugar.
You can see through the bowl to the baking pan.  Notice the plums encircling the pan.
My blue eggs!  I love using my blue eggs!

Mixy mixy...

Dry and wet ingredients getting together to become a moist cake.  I'm ending with my velvety buttermilk here.  I prefer buttermilk for any baking.  It's the acid in it I think.

Into the oven!
So pretty and very tasty too!
I think any fruit you love can be used this way.  Just add your favorite yellow cake recipe or even a cake mix and voila!  Be adventurous and brave and as Julia Child would relate, "No fear". 

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