Saturday, January 14, 2012

Timeless Gadget

Every now and again I need a gadget for a specific task whilst preparing a recipe. This morning was cold by our Louisiana standards, so I thought pancakes would be a great way to start a quasi-busy Saturday. Pecans in pancakes, I thought? Well, you know me, I occasionally am wont to test and try a new recipe idea on the odd occasion.

And since I'd been given a quart freezer bag full of tasty Louisiana pecans, I thought I'd go for it. I must say that kind of gift is certainly generous and so very welcome. Then pancakes it is with chopped pecans. 

That's when I remembered a handy little chopper/grinder tucked in the top of my spice cabinet. Let me tell you about this little grinder. It's "forever" old, as I usually tag any object that's made it through thick and thin with me. I remember buying this in a hardware store near my childhood home. One of those stores we wish we could still visit for any and everything from a Phillips screwdriver to a new blender. Huffman's Hardware has long since closed its doors as many establishments of its kind. Much to the sorrow of its customers I might add. I miss that sort of familiar way the owners had with their patrons; the open door that holds promise of a cup of coffee with the clerk and the latest news of the day. My little kitchen implement is a treasure to me. It's older than my child but still looks as good as the day I bought it. And more importantly, it works. 

Grinder with pecans

Turning the handle one way or the other determines the size of the pecan pieces. So neat.

Grinding niches for small or large bits

I used my standard pancake recipe and added the pecans. A bit different and quite delicious. I think they were a bit more filling than without the addition of the nuts. Pour on the syrup and a tall glass of milk and enjoy.

My favorite nutmeat in silky pancake batter

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