Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fancy Oeuf's

I have a friend at work who gifted me a fabulous gift, no less.  Eggs!  Wonderful blueish-green eggs.  I feel like Martha just looking at them.  I'm now wishing for a flock of these very cool chickens cackling and crowing in my back yard.  Town ordinance, phooey!  I love chickens and remember fondly slinging great handfuls of "chops" or cracked corn, around and over the heads of the awaiting fowl in my Ma's chicken yard.  She had all sorts of chickens, even a turkey as I recall and guinea fowl, which by the way make the best gumbo going.  It's a very happy memory.

My friend has assured me there's more of these gorgeous orb's to come.  Now I must decide just how to crack and use them in something delicious.  Perhaps a Flan served chilled in little ramekin's garnished with a fresh strawberry fan.  Or a rather French dish like Shirred Eggs with a dollop of rich cream bathing them while they gently bake in the oven.  Only to be served with a thinly sliced portion of ham and a crusty slice of French bread.  Yum!  Or something from the Tex-Mex theme such as, Huevos Rancheros.  My little eggs perched daintily over a lusty, red sauce spiced with chile pepper and tomatoes.  Whatever I choose will be my next post and The Horn Player and I will enjoy it with great relish.  Most eggcellent...sorry, I had to.    

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