Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Birthday Brunch!

M'Lady's Birthday Cake
This time of year our family celebrates several birthday's, but my mother reached a significant milestone.  It's what I refer to as a decade birthday and this year she turned 80 years young.  By anyone's standard, that's cause to pitch a party.  Don't you agree?

I think I may have mentioned before how much I love brunch foods.  Having brunch on the patio on a cool morning is so relaxing.  I could take a nap afterward.  And occasionally The Horn Player and I cruise to our favorite brunchy place after Sunday church to enjoy some of our favorite brunch dishes, such as Eggs Hussarde and Eggs Benedict.  Paired with a veggie filled Bloody Mary, well, there's nothing better.  Scrumptious food, relaxing libation and juicy jazz floating over the room like a welcome gulf breeze.  You're getting the idea I think.

That was the format for my birthday salute, a Happy Birthday Brunch.  My aunt was my accomplice in the planning stage.  

I have to say, this lady is truly one of my favorite people in the whole world.  

The Horn Player and I visited my aunt and uncle's home recently for an evening of great food and lots of catching up.  We discussed the upcoming birthday's and particularly Mama's big day.  The general consensus was something easy, delicious and a crowd favorite.  That, equals brunch.  And I must say, it proved to be a capital idea.  I love party's and when they are well-organized and user friendly, they're fun for everyone.  The kids loved my beverage station.

My new Beverage Server ♥
The beverage server was perfect for everyone, kids and adults.  I froze a 16 ounce plastic cup of cranberry juice and another one with water.  I filled one server with orange juice and floated the frozen cranberry cube in it about 30 minutes before serving.  The other I filled with water, very thin slices of lemon and the frozen water cube.  Great idea!  Just set out a stack of cups for the kids and they can drink to their hearts content.  Adults love it too, either plain or spiked later.  Oooo so good!

Fruit Platter
Another good-for-us and easy addition to the menu was a fruit platter.  I bought fresh pineapple, strawberries and grapes, prepped them the evening before and stacked them in the chill chest, each in their own zipper bag.  The next morning all I had to do was arrange on a proper platter and make the creme dip.  Totally delicious, this dip, and dead simple.  One 8-ounce block of creme cheese, one jar of marshmallow fluff and about a third cup of Greek yogurt.  Mix well and perch in the middle of the fruit.  Done!

I served Bacon & Sausage bites
...Double Cheesy Grits, too!
And the conspirator in this event, my aunt, made the Sausage Breakfast Casserole below.  Not a slice of it was left, it was just that good.

Fanelle's Sausage Breakfast Casserole
I have twin cousins, gorgeous girls, and each brought a goodie to add to the table.  

Streusel Loaf...crunchy top...moist inside!
Breakfast Muffins with Dried Fruit
I also made some biscuits and hash browns with caramelized onions and my sister-in-law brought an array of bakery items that were down right awesome.  It was a great morning with family and I made my Mama very happy!  My reward indeed.

The others celebrating birthday's were my grandson, Owen, my nephew's oldest, Ashton, The Horn Player, my sister-in-law, and our cousin from Illinois who flew down to be with Mother on her special day.

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