Saturday, September 1, 2012


Affogato is traditionally made with espresso and either gelato or ice creme, then topped with softly whipped heavy creme. 

Well, here's how I see it. The coffee I use (and totally love) is Dark Roast Community, the official state coffee of Louisiana. Not a really big stretch to substitute my Community for the espresso. And no gelato; Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla is perfect and unfortunately, addicting ice creme. Whipped creme is nice, but I don't think gilding the lily is necessary in this case.

I love this combination of sweet ice creme and the counterpoint rich bitterness of dark coffee. So good it just makes me happy to know such simplicity is so luscious. That's all I need to say. If you try it, you'll agree. 

Scoop of ice creme
Shot of dark rich coffee
No whipped creme

Close up

Closer up

Closest up 

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