Saturday, September 7, 2013

Creamy Grits ~ Gotta Love 'Um

So, I keep my Grits in the freezer and this is the typical recipe written on the top for easy reference. As if I need it. I've cooked a few Grits in my life.

A quart of yummyness!

Grated Cheddar & Pepper Monterey Jack

Stirring the pot.
I did not use water to cook these Grits. I used Milk and Half n Half, one cup each.

Cheese over the top of the very Creamy Grits, stirred and melted.

Tiny butter pat over the top and bacon over the hill.

So delicious!


  1. You've done gone and flung a craving on me. I may have to stir up some grits with my bacon and egg tomorrow morning.

  2. I love it when something I cook and write about inspires...