Monday, June 16, 2014

Naan Sense

Saturday was a busy day, chores and all that. Outside, inside and all around the realm we worked. By mid-afternoon it became apparent to both of us we hadn't eaten very much and the time had come to do something about that. I had bought a package of Naan a couple of days before, so I figured with a few more ingredients from the pantry and herb garden, I might just have a tasty nibble. A "pizzaesque" sort of thing. I always make my own pasta sauce, but I do store a red and white for emergency situations such as this. This time, no red sauce at all. Hmmm, Alfredo sauce in a pinch sounded doable. Let's go for it. I snipped a branch of basil from my patio herb patch and grated some Asiago cheese for the finishing touch. Hey, looking good now. Plus, I had a few fresh grape tomatoes in my fruit bowl that I'd bought on my last grocery buying trip and I do love tomatoes. Check this out...

Naan on an ungreased baking sheet with a smear of Alfredo
Chiffonade of basil on The Horn Player's side of the baking sheet,
and chiffonade of basil and tomato on my side.
Shard-like grating of Asiago cheese scattered over both.
Bake in a 375 oven until the cheese is bubbly and melted. The Naan will brown a bit more and become nice and crispy. Slice and enjoy with a cold libation and if you like, a small salad for a great lunch or light supper. 

Note: This method could be used with any ingredients. These two are totally vegetarian, but you could add seafood or whatever you may prefer. I think crab meat would be divine here. And red sauce brings on so many more choices,  for example a hearty sausage such as thinly sliced Andouille and fresh oregano. Oh my!
Out of the oven with a bit of black pepper sprinkles. was delicious!
Very delicious!

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