Wednesday, June 24, 2015

'Mater Sammich

I posted on Facebook a few days ago about my chin-dripping, finger-licking "brekkie" and received a few likes and comments. One of the comments was from a friend telling me she had attempted to explain to her boss why I used the term "mater sammich" to describe my morning repast. 

Her comment stated, "a sammich is a really, really good sandwich".

Well, there you have it; precisely! Tomato sandwiches are a staple for me in the summer when garden's are dotted with red globes of delight. I love tomatoes, period. Heirloom, Cherry, Creole, Big Boy, sliced, quartered, cold or room temp; I love tomatoes. But when sliced and stacked onto a toasted white bread slice (sorry, that's the Southern way) that has been generously slathered with a very good mayonnaise, sprinkled with lots of cracked black pepper,  ever-so-lightly salted, then topped with the opposing slice of toasted white bread; that's heaven on a plate, folks. Or in a piece of foil for an on the go feast in my case. I'm hungry, is it lunch time yet?

Tomato Sandwich to go
Confession: Most of the time I use 2 tomatoes for my "mater sammich". More is more when it comes to tomatoes. 

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