Friday, January 1, 2016

Ma's Christmas Nut Roll

During Christmas, I took a little trip to the bottom-land where I was raised, figuratively speaking. Both Thanksgiving and Christmas bring strong memories of steamy kitchens with wonderful aromas and kinfolks busying about. Or this; my Ma Davidson sitting quietly, meticulously shelling pecans and walnuts for her famous Nut Roll. It's a vision as real as any in my life. She made this unique confection for the family, but also enough to give to friends as a gift. This is the best stuff, y'all. It's rich; full of walnuts, pecans, cookies, sweetened milk and studded with tiny marshmallows or candied cherries or whatever your imagination can conjure. 
A page from The Red Plate
Even though she passed away many years ago, she's still so real to me. I can feel her closeness this time of year. I've said a gillion times, when describing her to others, how she was my nurturing grandparent. And not just her children and grands, but anyone happening by her home at meal time or anytime. They were invited to sit and enjoy. She loved pleasing people and tending their needs. This recipe, Nut Roll, I love. It makes me smile while I recall being with her. Nothing in the world reminds me more of that sweet soul than a slice of this Christmas treat. 

My new attachment for my KitchenAid and a quart of Walnuts.
Oh, I ♥ the grinder thingy.
And now for a quart of Pecans.
Easy peasy.
Vanilla Wafers
Mixing in the Marshmallows with the ground nuts.
Sticky business...believe me.
On parchment paper and ready to roll.
There you have it; all bundled up and ready for the fridge.
Slice thinly and serve, but be prepared to be asked for the recipe. It's so simple, yet special.

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