Friday, May 7, 2010

A Good Day

Yesterday morning I thought while having coffee on the patio, how wonderful it is to be happy. Just breathe in the day and find happiness in the flight of a bird across my line of sight or sunlight breaking on the upper branches of the old Oak trees I love so dearly. As a gentle breeze carried the early coolness and wagged a large overhanging tree limb in affirmation of my mood, I wanted to celebrate the day; make a goal and turn my awareness of this beautiful morning into an entire day of the same. An interlude such as this gives my feet reason to move and revel in my surroundings. With all its' bumps, it's a pretty remarkable thing...this life. Here in this place I saw the glass half-full, the evidence of Hope being Life and Life, Hope. Daddy quoted that to me many times in my young years. His my memory in this idyllic place. I made my song one of contentment throughout the day and finished the chorus at twilight in the same spot.

* These glorious flowers were delivered to my office from The Horn Player just because the day happens to be the divine.

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