Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jam It

I bought a large box of luscious Louisiana Strawberries last weekend and a couple of nice Mango's. I couldn't resist. However, my plans to use them for a mixed fruit bowl didn't materialize. Since I can't stand to waste anything, today was the day I had to make an effort to save the fruit; I decided on jam.

Wash and slice the Strawberries and dice both the Mango's.

I would guess I had about a cup and a half of Strawberries, possibly a scant two cups.

Place in a medium sized pot.

I think this colour combination is stunning, don't you?

Drift in about 1-1/2 cups sugar. Add the the juice of one lemon.

Stirred together and on the heat. So pretty.

Bubbling and cooking nicely.

Partially cover the pot for the first half of the cooking time.

I propped the lid with a wooden spoon which keeps the whole thing from boiling over once my back is turned.
Yeah, I've cleaned up sticky burnt-on sugar more than once. 

The cooking time is at least and hour and a half. But in case your cooking time is different here's a way to tell when your jam is ready to be poured into a bowl to cool. 
Stir often and pay attention to the developing thickness of the liquid in the pot. This is jam made without an added pectin product; it's all natural. When you think it's almost ready, dip a bit out into your spoon and allow it to cool. Check to see if it thickens as it cools. 

And don't cook too much of the liquid out; it's way too yummy to lose.

I love the hue the two contrasting fruits create.

The Horn Player will love this with my Biscuits, his perfectly cooked Hickory Bacon and a rich cup of Community.

Saturday morning, come quickly!

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